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Polling Hangs and Fails
Every time I try to do a manual polling, it hangs for quite a while during the "Exchange Data" process, and does not recover.

Generally there are 5 files being sent. The second is the G00000XXXXX(different numbers each day, sequential).zip file. As soon as this file gets to 100%, the polling process seems to fail. The transfer rate slowly but steadily begins to drop, until it reaches zero. And there it sits!

Assuming that the file was actually sent (since it got to 100%), I moved it from the Out folder to the Sent folder. Then I executed the exchange again and all the other files seemed to send and receive properly. However, when I look for changes I've made to my catalog, or orders to have been added to my active SO's in RPro, there is nothing!

Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
Hi Ron, the G mailbags are your catalog images and tend to be larger than other polling files. Having said that, I've run into similar issues during the exchange, specifically if you have a firewall and it has activity timeouts. If this just started recently, I recommend you find out if anything changed there 1st. Your web host should also be able to verify the issue and see what is happening on their side.

If your IT dept are unable to locate the cause at all, I suggest calling support for further trouble shooting.
I have actual had to make a command line ftp polling script due to our G files be excessively large. it seems that after a certain amount of time the Eci exchange just stops. This is an extreme hack job, but it is functional.

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