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Update Release Cycle 8.52 - 03/01/07

Update Release Cycle

8-Series March 1, 2007


T:\Products\ECI\ECI 2.1\Updates\Issued\

Retail Pro 8-Series

URC 3/1/07

Issue ID



Files to be Released


Pro v8.52

Subtotal: 9



Duplicate EFT transactions with PcCharge

Retail Pro v8.52

RtiPCChrgCredit.dll RtiPCChrgDebit.dll RtiPCChrgCheck.dll RtiPCChrgGift.dll

NEW FUNCTIONALITY NOTE: Please be advised that this issue involves introduction of new functionality to operations within Retail Pro.

Additional functionality was added to allow the user to respond to a duplicate transaction error. User now has the options to Apply previous authorization code, Force the duplicate charge, or cancel the transaction.


Voucher prompts user for price adjustment memo comment *(no memo should be or is created)

Retail Pro v8.52

Rpro8.exe RPRO_API.bpl ms_ie_d5.bpl vcl50.bpl vclie50.bpl

Cost Adjustment Memos are not created when averaging cost or the voucher is a return. The system no longer prompts for a memo reason in these two situations, since a memo won't be created.


Non-inventory items can input into a PI process

Retail Pro v8.52


Items with Non-Inventory checked are now treated as bad scans and moved to the Error List. You are also prevented from editing the physical quantity in the inventory view for these items.


Request for message and blockage to prevent user from updating a Zone PI as a Simple PI or vise versa

Retail Pro v8.52


In the Update PI dialog, when the user check-marks a PI file the system determines if the type of PI matches the preference setting. If not, then an error message is displayed, and the check mark is removed. This is true for PI's polled from remotes as well. If RproPI.exe is run with command-line parameters to update such a PI, it will not be updated.


Gift Card ADD value is being sent to the processor as a redemption through PC Charge.

Retail Pro v8.52


The application has been modified to handle Add Value transactions correctly.


Stock Audit > Quick Reports >Sold/Rcvd/Adj does not see vouchers

Retail Pro v8.52


The application was missing the last record, this has been resolved.


Summary info in PI tool total

Retail Pro v8.52


The system preference called 'detail threshold cost for multi-zone report' filters

fields report different total QTY between totalphysqty and fulltotalqty

out some zone records from the report, which is correct. It was also filtering these records out of the totals, which was incorrect. This has been corrected.


fiscal documents printout have wrong item info on receipt listing one item once followed by another item twice

Retail Pro v8.52


There was a problem with the code that transfers items from the receipt to the fiscal doc. If a receipt item matched an item already on the fiscal doc, then the receipt item wasn't always accumulated into the correct item on the fiscal doc. This issue has been resolved.


Stock Audit - reaverage quantity adjustment memo created on multiple items that did not require them

Retail Pro v8.52


When closing a period, audit memos were only ignored when calculating cost. Now, they are also ignored when calculating quantities.

Subtotal: 2



Editing the shipping weight for a style item doesn't roll over to the entire style in ECI



NEW FUNCTIONALITY NOTE: Please be advised that this issue involves introduction of new functionality to operations within Retail Pro.

There is a new button available in the side menu - Update Style. If pressed, the user is prompted to confirm that the value from the currently selected field should affect all items within the style. Click on Yes to update, No to abort. NOTE: Clicking Yes immediately updates the style items for the selected value, it is not neccesary to click the Save button to keep these changes. The Update Style button is available only in Edit mode when one of the following fields is selected: Shipping Weight, Oversize Item, Display Item, Vendor Fulfill, Shipping Amount, Handling Amount, Ship By Weight, Ship provider, Ship type, Ship unit.


ECI - Item number not populating descriptions from fill formulas.



An issue has been resolved which was preventing some numeric and dictionary-based fields from being inserted as text into descriptions.

ounting Link

Subtotal: 1



Accounting Link> Adding the compatibility for Quick Book 2007 Edition with Accounting Link 3.2

Accounting Link

Accounting Link 3.2

Accounting Link v3.2 has been tested and verified to be compatible with Quick Books 2007 Edition

NOTE: This release note is for informational purposes only. No new or additional Accounting Link files are required.

Total: 12

Details also listed in attached PDF file.


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