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Update Release Cycle 9.11.300.80 - 3/13/2007

Update Release Cycle

9.11- Series

March 13, 2007

Issue ID




Multiple Client connections > Cannot Save New User

The changes have been implemented. Earlier during the first transactions Oracle had to validate at the table level and the base tables were locked. Now when the first transaction is completed then the second transaction is allowed to complete since the table lock is being released by the first transaction


Feature - ECM needs to be able to delete SO items

ECM has been enhanced to support the deletion of SO items.


ECM sends the entire inventory from V9 to V8 when set to Differences

The change was made to code to resolve the issue of ECM configuration of processing out the Difference only for Inventory was being overlooked and the entire inventory was being processed out.


ECM does not update Time Shift info during ProcIn to V8

The changes were made to the code to handle the changes and carry over/transfer the changes to another side (from v8.52 to v9.0 or vice versa.


receiving error editing MIN/MAX values in child subsidiary

Error message is no longer presented when a user changes a child subsidiary regional item's store maximum quantity. This eliminates possible confusion.


Receipt> Lookup field in Receipt is not searching the items with Serial Number

Updated the function to be able to use both joins and simple criterion and to use store_no when looking up by Serial#


Need to allow find/replace functionality on max discount % and max accumulated discount %

Changes were made to ensure that the find/replace functionality on Max Discount % and Max Accumulated Discount % was added.


Copying Item a second time in form view does not auto increment system generated ALU

Code has been corrected that now allows proper ALU increments when copying inventory items.


Breaking second item from style does not work

Additional functionality was added to ensure that breaking a second item from a style to the same description used to break the first item from the style correctly adds the 2 items in a style and gives them the same style SID.


Blanked AUX fields do not poll up to 9 from the main

Introduced program changes in ECM to propagate blank UDF and AUX values from Rpro 8 main stations for UDF's and AUX fields with defined field names.


Reports - Sales : Receipt Journal display incorrect values for disc amt, disc % and rcpt tax amt


Line Display - Sales Orders - No item information displayed

A change was made to follow the logical functionality of the device. This allows the items to be displayed correctly.


Reports - Designable Transfer Slip Journal and Transfers Unverified Slips does not display item level information

Changes were made to ensure that Designable Transfer Slip Journal and Transfers Unverified Slips display correct data.


Journals - Transfers Slips or Transfers Unverified slips reports incorrect values for document level amount and % fields

Changes were made to ensure that Designable Transfer Slip Journal and Transfers Unverified Slips display correct data.


Filter by DCS breaks in custom created reports

Creating a report filtering on DCS works fine now. The problem was that the SQL was using DCS_Code to compare to DCS_ID values. It was fixed and all designable filters are using DCS_id now.


9.11 > Auto-timeout > defaults to a gray screen


Reports - Designable SO Journal does not display item level information

Changes were made to ensure that the all item level information on the report display the correct data


SO Journals reports incorrect values for document level amount and % fields

All the fields now display correct data. All % fields display correct value.


Reports > Journal > SO Deposit Journal > Canned

Report was formatted properly to ensure that issue with the following fields has been resolved. Order Date, Ship Date and Order Price fields display correct value now.
Balance Due field - Calculation logic was changed in RetailPro to ensure the correct calculation.


Cameras Inc-Zout and Tender Reconciliation Report are not matching

The report design has been modified to include all credit card types.


Update to 9.11 reports deleted any custom reports

Fix: While database update we used to delete the entire user created report. Developer commented this line so it's no longer deletes.


Printing - Sales Orders - Layaway

Corrections have been made to use the print settings defined in WS preferences for Sales Order Layaways when printing a Layaway.


Sort by Vendor Code in Merchandise>Vendor works in 8 to 9.0, but at 9.1 it isn't

Repository is modified to enable Sort by Vendor code in Merchandise.


Regional Inv: Price is propagated even though SysPref checkbox is clear.

Corrections have been made that now allows child subsidiaries to receive item prices from a master subsidiary when the preference to include its price is checked. When the preference is NOT selected the master sub's price will not propagate to a child sub when created.


Duplicate Credit Card Transactions With PC Charge.

Additional functionality was added to allow the user to respond to a duplicate transaction error. User now has the options to Apply previous authorization code, Force the duplicate charge, or cancel the transaction.
*********Configure Payment Server as follows: Open PC Charge> Setup> Configure System> Preferences> Check mark: Require Duplicate Transactions to be Forced: then from lower right corner of screen Select: Duplicate Checking advanced settings: Set Time for Duplicated Checking to be performed to 10 Min, Enable USER and TICKET NUMBER on listed tender types, all others are selected by default. And OK to save selections. Select Ok once more to exit Configure System screen************


Order cost is not copied down from the master subsidiary when the change to ORD_COST applied by a voucher

Corrections have been made that now allows child subsidiaries ORD_COST to reflect that of the master subsidiary when applied in a voucher document.


ASNs created from intercompany transfers are not created with the correct cost

The code was explicitly grabbing cost from the target subsidiary. Changes made so it'll now use cost from out slip instead.


9.11 Reports > WS Pref > Printing Pref > Printing >Paper Size

Fixes were made to allow user to print the report of the paper size selected by the user in the W/S pref.


Designable Summary Sales Transaction reports do not display correct data

Changes were made to resolve the problem with reports. All % fields displaying the correct data now.


Cameras Inc-Toggling the default calendar for a subsidiary changes the beginning date of the first period for audit

Added additional functionality so that the calendar that is assigned to a subsidiary in system preferences works independently from the calendar that is assigned to the period planner for audits in system preferences.


9.11 increments the ALU sequence on New rather than save

So the solution should be that the sequencing is not updated or changed if the user enters the value manually.


UPC in the multi vendor window not cleared when creating new items.


laceName w: st="on">DatelaceName> laceType w: st="on">RangelaceType> >Receipts > EFT Receipt

Changes were made to correctly account for the receipt date range when printing the credit card receipt of a transaction. The credit card receipt that is printed with the update of a transaction will be the correct one for the transaction and not that of a prior transaction.


ECM Error when Processing in ASN's

The change in code related to rejecting documents in the case when errors are present has been implemented for ECM v9.1. Instead of importing partial document it should report an error and reject the entire document completely, with no effect to subsequent documents.


Return reason required even when option is disabled

Corrections have been made to rectify the issue of requiring a "Reason" on a returned item when the preference is not set. The Choose Reason dialog will not appear if it's not required by the preference.


Disbursement printer settings not working

A change was made to allow the WS Preferences to be followed for the printing options.


Tendering by Gift Certificate should not suggest a gift certificate number

A file was modified to look at the amount and return status to determine if it's a positive or negative amount and only generate and populate the number if a certificate is being issued.


Updating a style does not update the Last Edit Date for style items

An edit to the description 1 of any item in a style will update the last edit date of all the items in the style.


On the first Min/Max screen, if you change the date range to "undefined" you get an access violation.

Made changes to the date filter to ensure that user no longer receives an access violation when setting the date preference to undefined.


Can enter qty for a non-inventory item and memos are created afterward

Corrections have been made that now prevents Qty changes on non-inventory items.


From page designer, press ESC key"¦you get an access violation

The changes were made to code to handle Esc key accordingly. Now when user is in Page Designer and user select Esc key, the current page on which the focus is closed.


Thai characters imported with ECM do not show up properly in Rpro9

The changes were implemented in the database to support Thai language/characters


Customers are not added to new segments

Corrections have been made to rectify the issue that prevented customers from being added to new segments.


Clicking in Fee$ doesn't highlight all data

This function is extended to all related fields.
Ensured that manual selection of given field highlights all information
Ensure that tab into given field selects all information.
Tested will all applicable fields in form view within receipt module
Tested with all applicable fields in other documents as well to ensure similar work


Unable to enter negative qty on a regular receipt

Changes made in the Receipt and Preference area's regarding negative quantities and Return Reasons were rolled back to their original state prior to a fix that was implemented and reported on Devtrack 12329.
The original issue which prevented a negative qty to be entered was the result of not having a return "Reason" defined within preferences. This was resolved with fix reported in 12329.


New item creation is not reading the preference for default Max Discount %

Fixed a problem where the Default Max Default % set in system prefs was not being placed on new item created in RPro version 9.


Non Inventory access to enter OH QTY

Ensure that memos can not be created to place qty on these items


When reverse a document, the focus doesn't stay on the original Receipt

Now the focus will stay on the original (reversed) receipt.


Regional Inventory: Creating a new item by copying existing item at a Master sub does not propagate correctly to child sub

Added additional functionality to ensure that when creating a new item from a copied item in a master subsidiary controlling regional inventory that the UDF, ALU, cost, list cost, and order cost fields are being propagated down to the child subsidiaries correctly.


List Costs and Tax Codes on Master Subsidiary are not getting transferred to Child Subsidiaries

Additional functionality was added to ensure that list cost and order cost values are being propagated to child sub correctly through item creation and editing the item.


Receipts >Customers >Price Level

Added additional functionality so when new receipt is created, its price level will be reassigned according to subsidiary and store to address the issue where the price level is not being changed back when using customer defined price levels on receipts.


Performance - can take up to 2 minutes to switch to Vendor form view when there is history

Some performance enhancements were made while additional improvements continue to be evaluated.


Lookup items by Serial number in PI

Added code to use Document's Lookup settings in PI.


Need to enter serial # twice

When the item selected is a serial number item, we need to determine if the value used to find the item is the serial number. If so, then automatically add it to the item on the document.
Same should apply for a lot number lookup.


Unable to reverse receipt

Now if the receipt has transactions that actually went through an EFT processor it can't be reversed, otherwise the user will be able to reverse that transaction.


Request a switch to be able to turn off Rebuild Style Links during ECM process In.

There are two new command line parameters for EcmProc.exe:
-ora_skip_style_relink (do not rebuild style SIDs)
-ora_force_style_relink (rebuild style SIDs for all active stations)
These parameters will only work on v9 side and will be ignored on BTF side.


POS > Receipts > Disbursement Option

Code was modified so Form view page will not come into display while creating Disbursements.


Multiple address table in customer module does not have fields for country

A field that allows the entry of a customer's country has been added to the Multiple Address module.


Need hotkey functionality for Tender buttons

The code was modified to implement the hotkeys for Tender buttons. By default the shortcut key ALT+1 to ALT+0 will respond for the first 10 tenders (in order) displayed in the grid. In case any of the above mentioned hotkey is assigned to any other option in Receipt module, then that particular hot key will not work on Tender buttons.


Need to add a lookup on the sector name from the rgn_sector table.

Lookup was added to display districts to ensure clients ability to filter on the Retail Pro district name.


Please add document class type to the summary reports filter for receiving reports

Voucher Class filter was added to the Journals: Receiving Voucher Report and to Summary: Receiving Vendor Summary Past 12 Months


Add Country to Vendors

Added the Country field to vendors in both form and list view.

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