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Update Release Cycle Retail Pro 9.12.300.42 Release
Retail Pro version 9.1.2.

Retail Pro is proud to announce the release of Retail Pro version 9.1.2. This release is available to all Fast Track customers, current 9.1 users, and those new customers in the USA who fit the profile defined for 9.1.0 and 9.1.1.

Retail Pro version 9.1.2 includes the following important features:
  • Centralized Customer Lookup
  • Automated Promotional Pricing
  • Seasonal Pricing
  • Proposed Items
Contained within the RetailPro9 directory are the 9.1.2 release notes and What's New in Retail Pro 9 Series (v9.1.2) document. This document can also be found in the document portal on the partner website at

- Retail Pro Global Support

See attached file for details.

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