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ppm file from you guys...
got a ppm file from you guys to upgrade 5 of my stores to use ppm credit card/giftcard/telecheck
it doesnt work on a couple of stores

what can i do to trouble shoot?
or can the file be written wrong

i can post it if needed.
What stores are you having the problem with? What exactly are those problems? E-mail the info to me and I will look at the ppmlic.dat file for you.

You might need to uncheck PPM as the Credit Card processor in preferences, then back out of Retail Pro, then re-check it again - something goofy like that.

I ran into an update problem before that sounds similar, and I seem to recall that this strange procedure needs to be done after updating PPM because one of the PPM config or .ini files only repopulates it's values correctly at the exact moment when PPM is selected as the credit card processor. If you update, and it's already checked, any changes to the way those values are handled by the new version aren't refreshed.

Sorry I couldn't be more specific. If you have problems, I'll fire up version 8 and look at it again.

it was just a misconfiged ppm file, osd hooked me up, thanks guys!

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