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Join Us At The Retail Pro Reports Seminar!
Subject: Join Us At The Retail Pro Reports Seminar
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Release the Profit Potential of Retail Pro with a Mastery of Reporting Techniques, Strategies, and Execution!
What Percentage of Retail Pro's capabilities are you using right now, today, in your business to increase your sales and profits?
Accurate reports that give detailed information about your business will increase your sales, your profits, and your bottom line; but only if you know how to use them. Right now the data to increase your sales, to exceed your profit forecasts and to reach your growth goals is in Retail Pro waiting for you to pull it out and use it!

Due to the overwhelming demand for more detailed training on this vital aspect of Retail Pro, we are very excited to announce an exclusive invitation only event in Southern California. This is an amazing opportunity to be in a very intimate setting and get the personal training, knowledge, and expertise of Dan Jablons, Vice President of Operations for One Step Data. You will be able to take what you learn at this event, understand how to apply it to your business, and immediately reap the rewards.

Follow this link to learn more about this amazing event:


Keri Couples
One Step Data

phone: 818 543-4777 x175


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