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Need PPM Zip Code Override
We have some foriegn customers who do not have zip codes to enter when using PPM. Does anyone know a way to override the need for a zip to be entered in order to authorize?

We have called this in as an issue at OSD but so far they haven't been able to give us a fix that works.
We are working with Island Pacific on this issue. PPM was not written with this requirement in mind, so we're trying to figure out how to solve this one. Hang in there.
When you say hang in there, do you expect there will be an answer within days? We have orders that we want to ship today but need to ring first so we know we'll get paid.
I will prioritize in support.
Depends upon the processor.
Just to update this thread.. Obviously other countries do not have the same type of zip codes that the US does, and this was part of the problem. The work-around on this is to use your local zipcode for the CC processing. There is no AVS for foreign Countries. Paymentech and Island Pacific both confirmed this. Processors are actually regional. This is not a Retail Pro limitation, but simply Paymentech themselves do not do it. The same is true for any other CC processor as well, using Retail Pro or not.

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