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RPRO Users listed in Receipts
There are several users logging into RPRO, but not all the users sale and create receipts in RPRO. When going into receipts and selecting the sales associates, we are getting a list of all users that log into RPRO. We want to only have the sales associates listed. Is there a way to do this in RPRO 8.4?
The only way you could do this in 8.4 would be to have localized security. (Each store controls its own security)
OK. So if the store each have their own security, how can we set it so the cashier only sees the sales associates?
If they have access to change the cashier/associate you would not be able to prevent that.

You may be able to remove the access to change cashier, and then turn on High security for receipts and sales orders, this would force user to login after each sale.

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