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6 Points for a Profitable Holiday Season with Retail Pro and One Step Data
Make the Holiday Rush Easy and Profitable!
Plan for the rush so you can maximize your profits!November 2004

Points to Remember:

The right hardware to get the job done

Retailers Continue to Experience Higher Theft Losses From Shoplifters

How safe is your inventory from internet attack?

Be prepared for your physical inventory!

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

How to be prepared if you need support or training
The best defense is a good offense is an old adage that will hold true with your Retail Pro system also. Make sure the you and your staff are properly trained to meet the demands of your customers during this busy season. Make sure that your support contract is current and meets your needs so that if you are in a jam you can get the help you need.

Finally, make sure you understand the tools that are at your fingertips to help like the OSD Knowledge Base, the OSD Extension Suite, and the OSD online Forum. These easy to use tools are free to you with current support and are only available from One Step Data. Use the Quick Links below to access any of these tools or just click the link below to go to our website and learn more.

Click here for more on your support options
Dear Kevin,

Our Systems Consultants, Phone Trainers, and Hardware Technicians are almost completely booked up through the end of the year with upgrades, trainings, and installs. Don't get backed into a corner having to upgrade or add a workstation on top of the holiday rush, or worse; have something crash at the wrong time! due to a virus, a hacker, or just plain outdated hardware.

Get the most out of this holiday season with the tools and training you need to succeed! But don't wait, reply to this email today so we can get you scheduled now!

  • The right hardware to get the job done
  • One Step Data is an authorized IBM Business Partner for a reason. We want you to have the most reliable solutions available to your business. Don't get caught at the wrong time with a hardware problem, contact us today to get set up with IBM Store Solutions.

    Make sure that you have the hardware that you need to handle the busy holiday season. If you have been hoping that several year old system will last one more season, don't risk it! Upgrade to the latest technology today and get the most out of the rush! Or add that workstation you've been thinking about now so you can reap the profits over the next 2 months! Contact us today to get pricing and scheduling.

    Below is a link to a FREE REPORT on Capitalizing on touch technology in the POS environment. Download this report now to learn more about how IBM POS technology can benefit your business!

    Click here for the FREE REPORT on Capitalizing on Touch Technology in the POS Environment
  • Retailers Continue to Experience Higher Theft Losses From Shoplifters
  • Over $4.7 billion was lost to shoplifting and employee theft in just 25 U.S. retail companies in 2002, with only 2.43 percent of those losses resulting in a recovery, according to the 15th Annual Retail Theft Survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International, a leading loss prevention and inventory shrinkage control consulting firm.

    "The losses are staggering and continue to amaze us," said Mark R. Doyle, Vice President at Hayes International. "Both the number of shoplifters apprehended and the dollars recovered from those apprehensions increased for the second year in a row. In addition, for the sixth consecutive year the dollars recovered from shoplifters where no apprehension was made increased significantly over the prior year."

    Click for more on how to fight Shrink in your stores!
  • How safe is your inventory from internet attack?
  • Your business can't afford the loss to an attack, especially during your busy season. Don't rely on a $50 firewall from your local computer store, it can't protect you from the myriad of threats out there today. One Step Data has teamed up with SonicWALL for the industry standard in Internet Security Solutions with the TZ 170 SP, a total security platform designed for Retail POS applications.

    On top of the superior security and protection the SonicWALL ensures continuous network uptime through integrated failover technology. Plus, you get the additional protection of content filtering, deep packet inspection, and intrusion prevention; none of which comes with your $50 low budget "firewall". Contact us today to learn more or click below for fact sheet.

    Click here for more on this uniquely Retail security solution
  • Be prepared for your physical inventory!
  • PT Scanners are a vital part of doing your year end physical inventory; as is the proper training to be effective at it with Retail Pro. Whether you just need to rent a unit for a few days or are ready to purchase one so you can do cycle counts, store transfers, or just for more convenience; One Step Data can help with your needs.

    Click here for more information on the PT2000
  • Supplies, Supplies, Supplies
  • It's the little things that count sometimes. Little things like having the right supplies on hand (and having enough of them) when you need them during this busy time. Whether it's receipt paper, tags, printer ribbons, or toner cartridges, One Step Data stocks the most popular styles. As long as you place your order by 12:00 p.m. it is guaranteed to ship that day (if the items are in stock).

    Click here for a current supply price list and order form
    :: 818 543-4777 x131


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