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Upgrade from version 3.0 to 3.2
I need to upgrade my accounting link to version 3.2.

We use mas90 for accounting and i only post sales nothing else. Accounting is upgrading to a never version and i have been told the file structure has changed in the new version. In version 3.0 i can not see the new version (4.XX).

I was hoping to getaway with it without updating the accounting link. (Same old saying if it works do not touch)

Is anybody out there using version 3.2 with mas90 version 4.XX if so i would like to know what are the pro and cons?

I don't know of anyone using Mas90 v4.x but it has been tested with the latest Accounting Link and is listed as compatible with Mas90 versions up to and including v4.10. You will definitely need to upgrade your accounting link to the latest.

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