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How to get notified when we post an update here?
Are you taking advantage of RSS?

If not, you should because that is the best way to get notified in your web browser when we post information on new updates to Retail Pro. You don't have to know what RSS is to take advantage of it. RSS is simply a way to get up to date information for a website, without the hassles of subscribing to an e-mail list.

Most new web browsers allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds. To subscribe to the feed for the Retail Pro News topic, here is the link below.

Otherwise, you can go to and click the icon that looks like this: [Image: f3520694-4d3e-4768-8126-90e7.JPG]

next to the Retail Pro News Forum topic. If your web browser supports RSS feeds, you will be subscribed to this feed.

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