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Why Can't I Access the Retail Pro Updates?
Retail Pro software updates are no longer available at

In order to be eligible for free core updates and major upgrades to the Retail Pro software, you must have a current Software Assurance membership. This is a membership with Retail Pro Inc., the makers of Retail Pro. Software Assurance is separate from a support contract, which is provided by One Step Retial Solutions.

The cost of the Software Assurance goes towards development of future updates and improvements to the Retail Pro software.

For current Software Assurance members, if you need a Retail Pro update, please contact Technical Support at 818-543-4777. Or if you would like to purchase Software Assurance, please contact your One Step Retail Solutions sales person. If you don't know who your sales person is, please call our main number at 818-543-4777, and we'll be able to direct you to one of our consultants who can help you with that.

Thank you,

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