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Accounting Link Questions
We've looked into buying the ECI / integration, but for 10k+ to do the work, we really don't think its worth the money at the time. I've noticed that Retail Pro has a QuickBooks Integration, and that QuickBooks has a Web Integrator that uploads product changes to our shopping cart. What I'm thinking of trying is integrating Retail Pro to Quickbooks, and Quickbooks to Interspire Shopping Cart, and having a partial integration. My questions are:

1) Does Retail Pro export products, prices, etc to Quickbooks. Can we schedule this to happen, say once per day?

2) How much does the Accounting Link cost for Quickbooks Pro or Premier.

3) Is there anything I'm missing that could cause my idea to not work?

1. No it doesn't. The accounting link reads Receipts, Slips, Vouchers, memos and imports the transactional data to QB.

2. Cost of the link you would have to get from your dealer.

3. The link sends inventory Cost info over. It doesn't send the inventory itself. The link is manual, you have to read a date range for each document type that you want, and then post. You would then need to import the info into QB.

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