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Read Receipts in error - Undo button?
Today I accidently read the receipts for today - Is there a way to undo that read? I haven't posted it yet. If I'm unable to do it it will cause major problems when I do it tomorrow as it should be done. I'm brand new to using Retail Pro.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Go into the batch and select Unmark. That will allow it to be re-read. Once you do that you can delete that batch.
Thank you so VERY much for your prompt and helpful reply!

I did go and unmark them, however I see they are still showing in my "Activie Batches".

Can you please tell me how to make them go away from here?

Thanks again! You're my hero!
As long as it is unmarked, if you look at the bach, you should have no option to post, but the delete option should be there.
I left work early today and didn't see this before I left. I'm actually looking forward to going to work Monday just to find that delete button!

Bless you and thank you! So glad I found this site!

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