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Accounting Link For Quickbooks 2010
Could you please let me know if the Accounting Link for RPRO v8.6 is compatible with Quickbooks Pro 2010. Also, is there any charge for the Quickbooks accounting link?

I'm hoping someone will answer this, as I would like to know as well!
It is not currently certified by Retail Pro to work.

This is the current list

Quickbooks Pro 2000
*Note - No customer balance exchange
Quickbooks Pro 2001
*Note - No customer balance exchange
Quickbooks Pro 2002
*Note - No customer balance exchange
Quickbooks Pro 2003
*Note - No customer balance exchange
Quickbooks Pro 2004
*Note - No customer balance exchange
Quickbooks Pro 2007
*Note - No customer balance exchange

BW v12.04
BW v12.81
BW v12.9
BW v12.92
BW Gold v2.4
BW Gold v3.0
BW Gold v4.0
BW Gold v4.1
BW Gold v5.0
BW Gold v6.0
BW Gold v7.0
BW 2009
BW 2010
MAS 90
MAS 90 v3.40
MAS 90 v3.41
MAS 90 v3.51
MAS 90 v3.60
MAS 90 v3.71
MAS 90 v4.0
MAS 90 v4.05
MAS 90 4.10
MAS 90 4.2
MAS 90 4.3
MAS 90 4.4

[*]MAS 90 4.2 - 4.4 [*]Business Works Gold 5 - Business Works 2010 [*]QuickBooks 2009
QB2010 is in cert testing now.
Can you please tell me how to find out if I have V8 or V9? Currently using QB 2009 and it does not play well with RPro as far as bringing over the A/P.

Thanks for the info you provided above.
in V8 click on your Retail Pro button, usually on the top right corner, and the choose about.
Got it! Thanks.

Sure hope QB 2010 gets certified and plays well w/ RPro as going back after linking to fix the inv # & terms is sure a pain and time consuming. If there's a way around that please let me know.

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