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A perspective on electronic invoicing
Do the efforts of eInvoicing out-weigh the cost per invoice charged? Should the Enterprise or the supplier foot the bill for using the systems?

Does eInvoicing offer significant advantages over paper-based processes?

Invoicing matters are always urgent and critical for any enterprise. The receiver is looking to improve internal processes for handling invoices and the potential for immediate internal cost savings is much greater for the receiver than the sender.
Great question! I've worked at a number of companies who have to capacity to eInvoice, but none of them used it. I don't do much invoicing in my current position, but do a great deal of A/P. I can tell you that when I open the mail (invoices) and put them in the stack, it's done. May not get to my email, or may not open & print an ieIvoice right away.

My 2 cents.

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