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Short and Long Descriptions missing from ECI but still on site.

After reading the above forum topic on the UNITEU site I checked my descriptions in ECI. Sure enough, I'm missing all of my short and long descriptions. They still show up on the web site though.

2 other people have had the same problem. Anyone else having this issue? Suggestions for a fix?
I'm having the same problem. For some reason I can't access the UniteU forum so I'm hoping someone posts some info about this problem here.
I have found a fix for the problem. You must uninstall KB891781 from your operating system. This was caused because of a Microsoft update. I have contacted a few BP's about this, and IP/RTI has been notified.

That was from a user in the UniteU Forum. It worked for us. All of the descriptions suddenly re-appeared. [img]images/emotions/smile.gif[/img] Hope this helps. Not sure what that Microsoft update does but I haven't had any problems since I uninstalled it.

This has been fixed. You will need the latest Update for ECI 7/8/05 date. Be sure to backup data before applying any core updates.

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