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Available Threshold

I am wondering if there is some way to do a report or have a filtered view on the Available Threshold field in ECI? We use this-9999 to set products available to sell always and we want to compile a list of all these products. We use RPro 8.6, ECI, and UniteU.

Thank you,

You may be able to thru the doc designer on the catalog reports. Is there a reason why you are set to simply sell always?
I couldn't see the field--available threshold in ECI--to add to a report in Doc Designer. We were able to get this in a .csv file from UniteU--their field is +backorder.

We have certain products that are available to us regardless of our in-warehouse inventory and we needed a list.


I wanna know is there any program organising in ECI, my friend need to attend that. So please do let me know when it happens.

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