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Retail Technology News You Can Use - 6 Musts of Internet Security
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One Step Data
6 Must Have's Of Internet Security

Last week I shared with you some of the important benefits to a Sonicwall firewall and why they are so important to the security of your business. Today I want to go into a bit more detail on the services that these incredible units provide. In fact if you are in business and connected to the internet, there are 6 must have's for your internet security package.

Sonicwall TZ 170 Gateway Security Bundle

1. Spyware: Spyware steals from the user by using the computer's memory resources and also by eating bandwidth as it sends information back to the spyware's home base via the user's Internet connection.

2. Gateway Anti- Virus: It updates hourly and SonicWALL has an engineering team working 24x7 to find new viruses. Stop viruses at the gateway to the internet for double protection since most viruses are from downloads and emails.

3. Intrusion Prevention: Again, SonicWALL engineers are working on these attack signatures 24x7. To date there are 2000 different types of attacks. These signatures help protect against unpatched servers and workstations. Moreover, deep packet inspection offers protection against threats that many firewalls can not even find.

4. Content Filtering: Updated hourly as well this is the "Standard Filtering" solution. It has 12 categories and 9+ Million URLs that are blocked. Download this great whitepaper on Demystifying Internet Content Filtering to understand the importance of this essential protection.
Click here for the whitepaper

5. Viewpoint: Viewpoint is a reporting tool. It takes the syslogs and makes them readable in graphical form. You can learn where users are going, what type of bandwidth they are using and who is attacking them. These are great for trending, worker productivity, increase in broadband, thwarting liability etc.

6. 1 Year of 8x5 Support: Support on SonicWALLs is normally for 90 days. With this bundled package you get support starting at day 91 for 1 Year. With support you get tech support, rma's and firmware upgrades. Firmware upgrades are the key. Every quarter the firmware (software on the firewall) is upgraded with new enhancements that are included with the support.

Click Here to learn more about the TZ 170 from Sonicwall

Remember, security is a continuous, relentless threat and without the bundled software the firewall is much less able to help protect you from all the heartbreak on the net. For more specifics on the above 6 points and on the Gateway Security Bundle, click on the link below and / or reply to this email.

Click here for more on the Gateway Security Bundle


Kevin McAdam
One Step Data

phone: 818 543-4777 x131

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