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Changing Quantity Source On Multiple Items

Our company has been using ECI & UniteU for a few years. Up until now we have been selling only from our warehouse inventory, but we have several brick & mortar stores whose inventories we would now like to open up to our website. The first thing we did to make this switch was go into ECI Preferences and switch preferences to a quantity source of 'company on hand'. When we initialize and poll this info it does show up in uniteu that the change was made, but company inventory is still not available on our website.

We contacted our retail pro customer support and their solution is that we must go into our catalog and then into each item line by line and switch the setting in the 'web info' tab to say Quantity Source: Company On Hand. Right now each item says 'Store On Hand' even though we changed the setting in preferences.

Does anyone know a way that you can change the setting for more than one item at a time? We have a huge amount of items in our catalog. Making this change at the product level, and line by line is just crazy!


The setting in Prefs does not change the items already assigned to the catalog, it will only 'set' new assignments to the catalog.
Oh that is unfortunate, but good to know. Thank you!

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