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Hey, I am a computer science student working part time at a retail facility. I am getting grief from management about a business process pertaining to the completion of a sale using retail pro version 8 merchant edition. Somehow, at the end of the day, when they go to X-out, the system is showing I am consistently ringing up cash sales incorrectly as travelers check sales which throws off the balance. Explaining equipment malfunction to retail managers is like explaining applied science to a monkey, so I was hoping to find this to be a common problem so that I may offer some constructive feedback instead of just taking the blame. We are using legacy NCR systems with touch screens and despite recalibration performed by yours truly, and the fact that the travelers check button is inches away from any other functioning buttons, I consistently get the blame from these people who are of lesser abilities and professionalism. What gives?

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I have not seen Retail Pro incorrectly assign tender types. If you think there is a problem I would advise paying closer attention to the tender screen and if you catch it bring it up right away so that they can get support involved.

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