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Select All (Assigning Style's in ECI)
Is there a way to select all in ECI? I've tried ctrl+A to no avail. I am trying to select hundreds of items at a time to put into different catalogs by assigning styles. ECI is so painfully slow that I cannot take trying to drag down through the whole inventory over and over. It is driving me crazy. Then if I select more than maybe 50? 75? items they don't get moved into the category and I have to start all over again. I just hear a bunch of error ding sounds. This is such a waste of my time and there must be a simple solution. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some help on the topic. Thanks!

Also is there a way to assign line items to multiple categories at once?
I have tried to find out the way to select all and assign line items to multiple categories at once, but it didn't worked. Post the solution here, as soon as you get it.

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