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How many workstation can connect to shared folder on rpro8.6?
I have a server with win2008 32bits, with rpro8.6 and shared folder (Station 001A), How many workstation can connect on on this folder shared?.

I connected until 8 PC to shared folder. If possible connect 15 workstation?.

Or some idea to deploy this configuration.
This is based on your system protocol used.Which system protocol you are using.I means is this is x.25 or TCPIP based.

asking for a date
I used TCP-IP. On windows 2008.
concurrent access to your shared folder in the server will depend on your set access limit in the net OS.

concurrent access to retail pro program for the station will depend on your RPRO licensing. if you have only one license workstation, ONLY 1 can open the retail pro at a time.

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