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Eliminating old PO, SO, TO to Clean House
We have lots of old PO's, SO's & TO's in our system that need to be eliminated so that we can do a complete Clean House. Any way to do a mass elimination by date range or do they have to be deleted one by one?
If you want to eliminate it then you must definitely delete it. Then there is no use of keeping it.
DVS can be used. I would recommend getting trained on it first however and always backup your data before the attempt.
What I do is sort by Ship Date, then I use a Keystroke Logger app. And record the process of clicking on delete, yes, archive (yes), repeat.

Then I let this run in increments of 50 to 250.

This works great on any sort. We are our own vendor for Screen Printing, so we never voucher in to ourself for printing, but a PO gets Gen, from SO all the time. So I periodically run the keystroke app, and delete the 1000 or so POs.

PM me if you want more details.

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