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Retail Pro 8.52 Arabic Printing Support
Can anybody help me regarding with Retail Pro ver8.52 that will support arabic printing on POS printer?

Thanks in advance...
probably you need the arabic Translat, it will set the proper codepage.

you should ask to a local rpro vendor...
MS Sans Serif -as Arabic font and it will do the trick...
The Arabic printing in Retail Pro is piece of cake, only if it is properly followed. Now here is a quick solution on Windows 7 Pro x32..

1. Go to regional settings.

2. Install language (Arabic Kuwait)

3. Change the default locale to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.

4. Change country to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.

5. Restart your computer.

6. Use Ms Sans Sarif Arabic ابجد

The above procedure will never work with IBM SureMark Printers. The above procedure work only with Windows support versions only.

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