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March Madness Coupon Deals
Don't forget these offers expire on March 15th!

Hopefully you have had a chance to cash in on some of the great savings offered on One Step Data products and services since the first of the year. The results and feedback from these coupons has been tremendous, thank you!

So, for one last hurrah we are issuing the enclosed "March Madness" coupon series!

These special offers focus on the importance of good loss prevention to the success of your business. Whether it is backing up your data to a safe and secure location, preventing damage to your business from the threats associated with the internet, or the value of an integrated security camera system; loss prevention is a keystone to business success in today's world.

To top it all off, we have secured one last chance for those of you with expired memberships to renew with a membership amnesty from reinstatement fees! We had to really twist some arms to get this one so please take advantage of it! With Retail Pro version 9 right around the corner, your current software membership is more important than ever!

March Madness Savings

Also, these coupons are only good till the expiration date printed at the bottom of each. So don't delay, take advantage of these great offers today!


Kevin McAdam
One Step Data

phone: 818 543-4777 x131

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