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Getting very odd error when running WS2
I am trying to run WS2, naturally Retail Pro is not directly installed on the PC but accesses Retail Pro through a mapped drive on the server.

The message I get is "Cannot load PfCsPKI.dll. Rpro8.exe will now exit.

Has anybody got this error before?

Thank you

This it typically a path issue. Make sure the network map is using a drive letter.

Also the Rpro8, it should be launching out of the retail folder not the retailrpro. Some installs have a rpro8.exe in the rpro folder that should not be there.
I had this error today after an upgrade from 8.6 to 8.7. Apparently 8.7 is a lot more strict about the Windows Path Environmental variable being set to R:retail8;R:retail8rpro (or whatever the drive is). The computers that had that set worked and the ones that didn't have it set gave the error described above. Posting just in case someone else needs that help in the future.

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