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Polling Error

Can anybody help on this issue.

I am having an issue while polling data from server to one of our workstation (operating system windows XP).

showing this error (Error in Exec,DosError:0 Dos ExitCode:12)

Note: i can poll data from workstation to server
is there any entry in the log? Did this stop worked suddenly? I would definitely advise moving off win XP as it is end of life and a security vulnerability.
Hi Brett,

in log file its shoeing There was an Error Decompressing Mail Bag R1020000.M#P. Mail Bag N1810000.M#P Out Of Sync, Expecting 185..

Thanks for your Suggestions.
error decompressing, make sure the pkzip and unzip that are in the rpro folder are also in the system32 folder. The out of synch normally handles itself after a few polling cycles.
I had this issue when the PATH environment variable did not contain a reference to x:retailrpro

virtually copying the DUNZIP32 DZIP32 dlls on system32 will fix that also.

I thought PKZIP PKUNZIP were provided as additional tools, does the polling use these executables to unpack files?

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