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Warehouse Use

I was hired by a company who uses Retail Pro in their location. They hired me to incorporate Retail Pro into their warehouse. They wanted the ability to record returns as well as add attributes to the return, for example:

Attribute 1- Good Condition

Attribute 2- Bad Condition, Fixable

Attribute 3- Bad Condition, Not Fixable

From there, the system should tell them where in the warehouse the item should go (what bin, for example) as well as keep track of how many items are in each bin.

Is this a possibility with Retail Pro?

There are ways this can be done. Most commonly is with flags, comments or notes on the return document, not changing the attribute of the item. What your asking would be basically creating a new item in the inventory for the return.
I see; creating new items to return seems like it would get cluttered. I think creating flags may work best. Thanks for the advice!

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