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Accociate Allowances for Receipt Viewing
Hi, I have a small independent business and use the Retail Pro 9 for POS. I'm having trouble figuring out how to set up associates to not be able to view all past receipts and receipt totals. Right now, associates can view complete list of past receipts for the day and stand there and count up the totals. Is there any way to make it so all they can see is new receipts and can't even access the receipts page? I've tried testing authorizing different allowances for POS level associates and I can't seem to not allow this without keeping them from even being able to ring up new orders. Help and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!

No there is not a setting for this. You can however remove those fields from the POS users layouts, in List view.
Hi Lisa,

A workaround could be to set a future date in list view of former receipts using "Date Range" button from side menu.

For example:

- Set the date as Fixed period

- Then remove the "Date Range" button and also

- Uncheck permission for "Retail Pro 9-->System-->Menu Designer" option.

This way they will not be allowed to view any former receipts. However, they can still create a new receipt but once it is updated, it will be hidden.

Note: "Date Range" setting and Layouts are saved at the user level.

Thank you so much, that is a great idea!

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