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Receipt Design for Gift Cards thru PPM
We are having a problem with how our receipts show multiple gifts cards when there is more than one being purchased or more than one being used on a purchase. RTI is working with One Step Data for a fix, but in the meantime, does anyone else out there use the gift card feature with Paymentech and the Rpro integration?If someone is using 2 or more gift cards on a purchase, The receipt shows only one being subtracted from the sale, and shows the cards at the bottom with a zero balance. I also just found that the add/value feature changes the daily reports way back on the day that card was originally issued....bad for accounting purposes...does anyone have any ideas?
I would be VERY interested to hear an answer to this question, too, as we were told that PPM couldn't do Gift Cards through RPro yet! We were told Shift4 is the only company that can currently do Gift Cards from within the program. (On our screens the Gift Card option is greyed out.) Am I misunderstanding how the Gift Card feature works? We're also running v8.51.

Who told you they are not available yet? They are definitely available. You might have to upgrade some portion of your system, such as PPM, but other than that they are available.
Thanks, Dan! We'll do some research here to find out where we went wrong on our understanding of this issue.

Didn't mean to hijack your thread, lalahsb! Although we don't use the gift card option, it sounds like it's doing the same thing that it does for Gift Certificates, as we can only press the Gift Certificate button once as a Tender. We get around it by entering the multiple gift cert numbers in the one space that is provided. I would assume the procedure is different for Gift Cards, though.

Good luck!
You can always hand write the last 4 numbers and the add value amount, but I have not found a way to list multiple gift cards on a receipt.

Other than that, a few tips I have learned is that if you want to reuse your cards, that Paymentech needs to setup the expiration based on "inactivity". That way after 1 year of NO activity they will expire (assuming you want an expiration). Otherwise, a card is issued 4/20/04, it is then redeemed on 4/1/05, you recycle that card and send it back out on 4/19/05, the VERY NEXT day if you are doing a standard 1 year expiration based on the cards activation, then that card will be deactivated and who ever the second person who got the recycled card was, will be very unhappy when they try to go back and use it.

But the expiration based on inactivity, includes calling the 800-num to check balance, redeem value, add value, etc all add another 1 year to the expiration date (assuming your exp term is set to 1 year).

(Sorry got a bit wordy)


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