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PPM and the Internet
We've currently got all of our stores using a modem, but, I'd like to get rid of the modem and that phone line and go completely with a high-speed connection.

Does anyone use an internet connection to do their CreditCard and Check authorizations with PPM?

Right now, you cannot use PPM for on line processing. Your only option is Shift 4.
is shift4 a free upgrade like credit pro was?

how much is it?

if internet fails, is there a failback to dialup auth for ccd's?

does it work w/ telecheck?
Shift 4 is not free. It is a completely different program, that is run by a completely different company.

They don't really have a failover, but you can set tolerances as to how much you want to approve without online authorization.

I can have your sales rep talk to you about this. Shift 4 typically has saved our customers some money because although the software is more expensive, the fees that are associated with dialup stuff gets reduced because it's an on line connection.

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