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error message catastrophic failure
we have encountered 4/5 times in 3 weeks this Catastrophic failure message during a transaction:the transaction then is completed in creditpro but not retailpro causing possible duplications

once we reboot all is back to normal

any ideas what might cause this


This happens to us all the time also, but in the opposite manner.

When adding a deposit to a Sales Order, 1 in 100 times I will get catastrophic error, and however many times you hit the OK button (which never goes away) then it will add that much deposit, but NOT make receipts or add the moneys to PPM.

Really Annoying.

Any ideas?
Definitely annoying. And annoying for IP and us, as we are still trying to identify the cause. Do you have any clues - what was exactly happening when this occurred? All we have are symptoms (sometimes, catastrophic error in Sales Orders) but we are unable to duplicate it, which is the path to fixing it.

If you have any input to that, it would surely help us get it fixed.
It has always happened to me on Sales Order Deposits.

I *think* just on Cash / Check types, I do not remember it doing it on CC's.

It has happened about 5 times in 6000 sales orders. The next time it happens I will try to remember the steps.
Our stores are having problems with this error message.

Is anyone else getting these?

Edward -

What are they doing when they get the message?
Taking an SO deposit. This happens with all tender types and occurs mostly on the first of the month.


I need you to contact our support department on this one. There are too many possible causes.

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