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Consolidate by Store+Date?
I use Rpro 8.5x with Quickbooks, and have been very happy with it for the past two years. The only problem I'm having is that it's just taking forever and I want to see if I can speed things up.

Because my two stores use seperate accounts I post batches consolidated by store. Works great. But I need to hve my sales, cogs, and most importantly credit card deposits listed in quickbooks day by day. Most of the reason for that is so I have my credit card transfers listed for each day so I can reconcile my bank statements easily. But that means running 15 seperate batches every two weeks or so. I just did that and it took me about half an hour.

Is there any way to run a single batch that gives me seperate numbers for each day for each store? I don't need to see transaction by transaction (that would be bad, actually) but I do need store by store, day by day.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions!

Lee Silverman
JackRabbit Sports
The only way to seperate the data by day is to do a seperate batch for each day, which would take longer as you have stated.


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