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ASN # of Out Slip is always 0 at the Main Server
Hi everyone,

I have one particular remote that all of its Out Slips are sent wthout their ASN # to main server.

In the remote itself everything is apparently ok, out slips are generating ASN # but at the main there's a 0 in the ASN # field in the Out Slip record, also double checked the Intra Company setting in System Prefrences and it's set to "Automatically create ASN after a slip is created", double checked the ECM session and it's already sending the difference documents of Transfer Slips and Vouchers, tried to Regenrate/Initialize Out Slips and Vouchers many times with no luck.

I also checked the XML file generated by ECM to make sure vou_sid is having a value rather than 0 and it's ok, also did the same thing to the same XML file at the main before processing-in and it's ok.

Now all of Out Slips from this particular store, the other recipient stores cannot make receiving voucher from its Out Slips.

Do I miss something essential here?
Thank's in advance.
Luckily I figured out what was the problem.
In ECM at the remote the Store field in Documents section for the station should be all, mine was the current store code, I changed it to All, made an initialize for vouchers and everything is OK now.

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