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Cut/Copy/Paste gone in ECI?
Does anyone know why the cut and paste functions would stop working in ECI? It only works if you use the ctrl+X/C/V shortcuts. Is there a way to restore this?
If you have a catalog with no items highlighted, those buttons are not available.

I would also try restarting the computer. I seen cut, copy and paste-related problems related to Windows memory issues.
This is happening in the long description so something is definately highlighted.

And, it's been happening for months so restart isn't an issue.

Could it be caused by a Windows update?
Yes, it can be related to Windows Updates. Specifically, there have been reports of people losing cut/copy/paste functionality after intalling Windows SP2 update. And another one of our customers had a different problem after installing a Windows update. Can you try uninstalling any updates you did recently to see if the functionality comes back?
Thanks Donna, I'll discuss those possibilities with our IT person.
This is actually a problem in ECI and has been logged as a bug.

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