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User Advice on pros and cons of Accounting Link & accounting programs
Noble Fellow RPro users,

We're looking for some suggestions on bookkeeping solutions with RPro; we use ver. 8.51 (about to go to 8.52), currently have one store and about to install one remote, and currently send out bookkeeping to an outside provider. The bookkeeper currently uses Quickbooks, and is not interested in using the Accounting Link. The PTB want to investigate other accounting options, and here are a couple questions that I'm curious about.

Do many Rproers use the accounting link? Or use an outside bookkeeper? Do you use the Accounting Link AND and outside provider, or keep all the bookkeeping inhouse? Any reasoning included would be really helpful.

At this point, since we'd be starting fresh with ANY accounting program if we implement the link, is there any kinda/sorta consensus on the Most Favored Nation status of accounting programs? I've seen one reference to Quickbooks, and many for MAS90: is there some place a person could get a comparison of the two? Or of any other offerings? Is one easier to implement than another but has tradeoffs? And so on.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Barbara Ann Mahoney
Hello Barbara!

I certainly invite our users to reply, but here's the "official" word on this.

If I were to look over the population of Retail Pro users that we service at One Step, overwhelmingly I'd say they use Quick Books. That's not surprising, when you consider that QB has an overwhelming market share in the small to mid size accounting arena. Also, it has been my experience that most of our customers that have the link us it to post sales, vouchers, etc., and at the end of the year send the data to their accountant for final review. QB has a feature called "accountant's review" where a complete set of your books can get sent to your accountant, who sometimes makes journal entries or corrections, and then sends it back to you.

MAS 200 (previously MAS 90) is a great accounting program, typically used in larger companies who have annual sales of $10 million or higher. It is very powerful and very customizable. It is on par with Retail Pro, in that you'd want to work with a certified technician to install it and set it up to work within your business.

Another option is Business Works, which is somewhere between QB and MAS 200, both in terms of price and features.

Your best bet is to discuss this with either your Retail Pro Systems Consultant, or your sales rep. They can give you more data on this.

Hope that helps!

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