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Available Threshold Question
I am looking for more detailed information on the ECI Available Threshold. I have set my available threshold in preferences but I would like to have a different threshold on several products. My UniteU project manager thinks that I can do it by changing the Available Threshold on the catalog tab Web Info. The ECI manual that I downloaded form Rpro sight does not have ANY information on this tab that I could locate. Does anyone have more information for me?
You will need to add the Available Threshold field to the screen by right-clicking on a blank area of the screen, click Interface > Page Designer> click the button in the upper left corner and this will show you all the available fields that can be added to the screen. You will see Available threshold. Click and drag it onto the screen where you want it. this will allow you to set an available threshold for an individula item.

The documentation hasn't been updated in a while, so it may not have much information on this process.
Can the available threshold be changed on individual items?

With clothing items that are the same STYLE I need to keep different quantities on different sizes and colors to make sure I have enough in-stock for our Brick & Mortar store.
Yes. When you are in Item View, go to the Web Info tab. If you don't see Available Threshold on that screen, you will need to add it to the screen. This field will allow you to overwrite the Preference setting and choose different available thresholds for individual items.
The Available Threshold field is available on each item in the Web Info tab on item view BUT it changes it for the whole style"¦ no matter what item you are on.
Ok, I see what you mean. I will have to report that to Island Pacific since there is no indication that it is supposed to behave that way.

Heather, what company are you with? We can report back to you when/if IP changes that if I get your company name.
I am from the Pump Station.
This issue has been posted as a bug by Island Pacific. We will post in the Retail Pro News Forum Topic when it is fixed.
For reference, it is Retail Pro BTF#16088.

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