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Transfer Orders - Can't delete them
I found some old transfer orders on remote servers that I want to delete, however, even though I have all admin privileges in sec admin, when I open transfer orders, there is no delete option button available...everything is gray. Even when I go to maintenance in the DVS area and try to purge TO's (which I can do at Main), the TO & PO purge options are not available at the remote stations. I can find no where to activate the options to purge these files. MAIN and remote stations are now both using the latest update of 8.7.

Anyone have a solution for this problem? Thanks in advance.
Can you Delete the TO at the main?
(07-26-2018, 12:58 PM)Brett R Wrote: Can you Delete the TO at the main?

There are no TO's to delete at the main, but yes, the privileges allow me to delete there perfectly.

Somehow these seem to have been created by a user at the Main, as if they originated at the remote location. These are old TO's (2014). We are now using 8.7...will it allow me to change location?

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