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donating gift cards
What is the best way to issue a gift card as a donation?  i.e. I can't sell a $50 gift card for $0 in RPro.  

What I did was go to the Gift Card Processor system and created a credit for one of our gift cards.  In RPro, I see that the card now has a credit balance and I manually adjust the general ledger to reflect the debit to Donation and credit to Deferred Income.  That should work, but it would be nice to be able to assign a customer/organization name to the card in RPro.  Any thoughts?
Have you tried using "Store Credit" for payment? I would think it would create a negative entry for that customer/organization that could then be debited the way you want via adjustment.
When we donate GC, we pay for them with CASH tender.
This creates a UNDER in the cash for the day, then we give a copy of the reciept to the book keeper and she does a manual adjustment on her end.

You can still sell the GC to a customer, just put them on the receipt.

OPTION 2: Create a balance and credit on the customer account (like a store credit), then use that to purchase the GC.


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