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rpro 8 network install
Can RPro be installed this way.
Kind of not normal, but would allow use of a headless network server

nas1 with file share \\nas1\rpro (this is a nas that just stores the files thats it)
ws1 maps to \\nas1\rpro
ws2 maps to \\nas1\rpro
ls1 license server (virtual machine)

This would allow the server files to reside on the NAS which would be RAID 1 SSD's and have transparent SNAPSHOTS which wouldn't affect performance like VSS does.

This would also allow the workstations to be backed up to the NAS since as well as the license server, and then those backups as well as the rpro directory backed up to a network share in a different office via differential file sync.

Has anyone tried this or does anyone have any ideas how I might pull this off. I do with with all kinds of other systems.
I haven't heard of anyone doing this.
License server could be your WS1 though, you shouldn't need a separate machine for it, in v8 you can copy the license server locally and run it from the local machine.
I would be curious if this worked. Doing this there is no registration of the dll files, and other things that occur during the install.

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