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what kind of info does the link spit out?
flat file, xml?

we do not use any off the shelf accounting software, we use a providex based program called Full Circle (same engine mas runs on)

i can have the import process customized, but i want to know what the export file looks like

can i get a sample file?


Actually, if you grab one of the XML files (for inventory) that you are using currently with EMS, that is the format.
huh, i can massage that easily

what is the cost of the accounting link?
Depends upon what you are linking to. Some are free, some are not. Contact your sales rep for price quotes, OK?
In an effort to learn as much as I can I tried to go to the kb knowledge base site, however apparently I'm not authorized to get access. Help please.
Same here, can't access database/knowledgebase.
The KB is restricted to contracted OSRS customers.

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