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RPRO Email Capability

I am a new RPro user using version 7.61. I noticed that RPro has its own email engine. Would anybody know how this works. I cant find anything in the manual regarding this feature.Our local support says that nobody uses it but i think the developers wouldnt put it there if it nobody uses it.

Hope to hear from you the soonest. Thanks.
Welcome to the forums!

I have to agree with your local Retail Pro dealer - no one uses the feature. The idea of it was to allow internal email that would travel with polling. But that is very limiting and since most people either use Outlook or a web-based mail client, the email product pretty much died. There is documentation on it which your dealer can provide.

Having said that, we set it up once for a customer that demanded it. It was very time consuming and not easy to manage. I would definitely recommend using Outlook or a web-based email client.
hello. i know this is already very long time ago. we are using 8.54 and saw the RPRO Email in the System Preferences. Does anybody else use this feature? is there a documentation available i can ask from the forum?

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