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ECI shipping weight
In the ECI Catalog Manager is their a way to assign a shipping weight to a whole style?

I did not realize until now that I must go into each individual item within the style and assign a shipping weight. This is going to take all day to fix :crying:
Yes, you just need to add the Shipping weight field to style view by right-clicking any field label, such as Desc 2. Then click Interface > Page Manager. In the right column under Page Designer, find Shipping Weight. Double-click it and click Apply. Then you can enter the shipping weight for the whole style under style view.
I already have the shipping weight field in the STYLE view.

I thought that it was applying the weight to the whole style but it is not, it only assigns weight for the first ITEM in the STYLE.

I have to go into ITEM view and enter it on each one.
It should apply it to the entire style, but I can see it's not working that way. I will report that to Island Pacific and let you know the results.
This issue has been confirmed as a bug by Island Pacific. Until it is fixed, there is no way to apply a shipping weight to an entire style. We do not have a date as to when it will be fixed but please keep checking the Retail Pro News forum for updates.

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