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PPM and Telecheck
[Image: 0067.png]
i am as well, i do have something to add...

found that telecheck doesnt work if your dialing properties doesnt have the right area code in it, everything else works, credit cards, internet, polling... just telecheck errors out.

i found this because i have about 50 stores and i keep an image of a working WKS1 & WKS2 incase one dies and i need a quick recovery... i also use it to setup new stores, i setup one in riverside that had the area code of 951 and my area code is 760... after a few hours of trial and error i foudn that changing that in the dialing properties fixed it.
Actually, that's true for all modems in a Windows environment. I had the same problem when I was trying to do some automated faxing from home.
funny thing though, is that the faxing part worked, and like i said above, everything else did as well, except telecheck.
The faxing software may have had some switches in it that bypass those settings in the properties. Just a thought. Hard to diagnose in a forum.

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