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Exclude from Web
I use ECI with UniteU. The "Exclude from Web" button only works for an item within the style that is not on top of the style list. I can not exclude the first item in a style or the whole style.

Is a solution to get around this?
There is a button called Web Exclusion that is visible in Style View and Item view (you may need to add it to the screen if it is not visible as I'm not sure it is on the screen by default). When you click this button, it gives you 4 options:
  • Exclude from web
  • Include into web
  • Exclude style from web
  • Include style in web
That button should allow you to include any individual item or style from the web catalog, depending on which you choose.
The only thing I have found is the Exclude from Web check box. I can not find the other Drop down Exclude from Web button that you are referring to, can you tell me what the Field name is?

I have been using this checkbox"¦ it is the one I was talking about in my first post.

I have included a picture of this checkbox.

[Image: a96564b0-7adf-4f47-9dbd-416c.jpg]
It's not a field. It's one of the buttons on the right hand side of the screen. You will need to right-click on the buttons, click Menu Designer and choose Web Exclusion to add it if it's not already there.
Thank you! That did the trick.Big Grin
Hi Heater,

UniteU will provide us the site integrated thru ECI. I am on the process of doing the configuration on ECI and the site.

I am stock on the process as I dont have the no how to start the project. Can you guide me on this process form ECI to integrate to our site? Can you give me your webstore site to visit with?



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