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Certain SO's will not record...
Our store uses a Payroll Deduction payment option for employees in one of our Divisions (it is a store that sells to employees exclusively). The way we've worked out the Payroll Deduction process is as follows:
  • We receive the employees' orders and submit an invoice to that Division's payroll dept. on a weekly basis
  • Their payroll dept. cuts us a check for the total amount, then handles the process of deducting from payroll on their own
  • When we receive the check, we use ECI to record all the sales that use Payroll Deduction for that week
  • After recording sales, orders are purged and archived
Today I was recording the sales because we received a check. Several of the orders would not record (error message: "Record Failed - wrong length!") Never seen that before!

Note: we did recently have a file corruption issue. A tech from OSD had to replace our SO file, but retained all the orders that were still unpaid (payroll deduction orders not yet recorded). So here are my questions:
  • Is this likely caused by the SO file being corrupted and then replaced? Or, any other idea what's causing it?
  • Is there something we can do to get these orders to record?
  • Now that the SO file is free of corruption, will this issue most likely cease from occuring on future orders?
Thanks for any help...
It sounds like a corrupted file, and I would have you talk to support again.

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