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"This workstation runs PPM" check, unchecks....
"This workstation runs PPM" check, unchecks at random and i dont know why, i take over the computer and check it again and it works again, but its randmonly unchecking and i dont know why.
We've gotten some reports of it, but not consistent ones and as such we haven't been able to determine the exact cause of that. As a workaround, we put the PPM Server in the computer's start up group, so that it always loads when you reboot.
No, it will not cause another instance of PPM to run. If PPM is run on startup, Retail Pro will see it's already running and use that instance. The only difference with running the actual ppmsvr.exe instead of letting RPRO start it is that PPM will run in a window instead of being minimized into the system task tray, but it will not affect the functionality of PPM.

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