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ECI inventory: scrolling and price update problems
I have two inventory catalogs that have the same problem. As I scroll through the inventory, it is not possible to scroll to the bottom. As you approach the bottom of the inventory list, the side bar jumps back up to the top. How do I fix this? Will I need to delete the entire catalog and start from scratch? The rest of our inventory catalogs have no problem, so I don't know what happened inside of these two.

In one of the catalogs that has the scrolling problem, it also has price update issues. Whenever we update prices in Retail Pro, it usually updates the price immediately in ECI inventory. However, in one of the problem catalogs, the prices don't update. Any suggestions?
2 things I would do 1st. 1 Full reconstruct on the Inventory files, and after that, Full Reconstruct on E-Commerce files.

If is still will not scroll and you still have problems with the prices, I would create another Catalog on the same level with that one and move the styles into the new catalog and see what happens. It could be a corrupt catalog. Beyond that, contact support.

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