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Welcome to the new One Step Data forums
Welcome to our new forums!

For all those who were registered members on the old software we have migrated your accounts over to the new system. Your logon for this new software will be the email address you registered with (Don't worry - that's only what you use in order to log on. Your old username is what will be displayed in the forums). Once you log onto the new software for the first time I would suggest that you check out your control panel. This is where you can setup all the various options you want to use on this site as well as update any information which did not make it over from the old system.

All of the old topics have been recreated and images of all posts for each topic have been added so that you can see the previous history.

If you are having any problems or questions with the new forum please use the link below to drop me an email and I will try to address your issue ASAP.

I just sent you an email about this.

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